The SC State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) is responsible for licensing any private detective agency in SC. Here at Morris Investigations, we are properly licensed and we even exceed SLED requirements. Furthermore, all of our field personnel are members in good standing of the SC Association of Legal Investigators (SCALI).

Our investigators attend regular training offered by SCALI in such areas as:
> Persuasive Interviewing
> Deception Techniques and Perception
> Changes in applicable SC laws
> Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
> Electronic Intercepts
> Wire Taps
> Legal Ethics
> Freedom of Information rules
> Service Process
> On-line Resources

Aside from being licensed, bonded, and professional, all of our investigators are mature, discreet, ethical, and efficient. Our qualifications are unquestionable.

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We are rapid, rounded, and reputable. We also conduct ERV bidding in our area of SC.
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