We offer flexible payment options. However, each case is different so we cannot quote a price without first having you contact us with your specifics. This initial consultation is always free and can be scheduled at your convenience. Simply visit Our People page and contact any of our investigators to arrange a meeting or phone interview.

For general information, we work with all of our clients to meet their budget. Some cases can be handled for under $200 while others can go well into the thousands.

Many of our investigative cases are charged at a flat rate and involve retainer fees. Some are charged at an hourly rate and involve spending caps. It all depends on your needs.

Our paper service fees are also flexible. While most papers are charged at a flat rate, we can price them individually. Plus, we offer incentives for repeat business.

In addition, we offer financing. Contact James A. Morris directly using the contact information on the bottom of this page for more information on financing.

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We are rapid, rounded, and reputable. We also conduct ERV bidding in our area of SC.
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